We strive to keep our fees as low as possible for the benefit of everyone. We do not establish our fees on the basis that insurance companies will pay them. Our fees are based on the exceptional skill, time, judgment, professional care, and office environment provided by our team. We strive to continuously provide the best care available anywhere in the world on a daily basis regardless of insurance involvement.

Our insurance coordinator is here to help you in obtaining the full benefits you are entitled to under your dental insurance plan. There are hundreds of dental insurance plans in existence and some of these companies change policies and guidelines weekly, therefore we encourage you to bring all your insurance benefit information, including your booklet, forms and insurance card to your appointment, and to keep us informed of any change to your insurance.

Please keep in mind once again your policy is written by your EMPLOYER not your insurance company and your company will seek the plan that is best for them based on the overall group rates.  If you want your benefits changed you must speak to your human resources department regarding your policy.

Many EMPLOYERS continuously shop for new plans and better rates, please make sure you follow up with any changes.  We cannot update your plan information unless you notify us of the change.  It is your responsibility to bring us all the correct information and keep us updated.

To find out if your insurance is covered; speak with our staff by contacting our office at 205-987-4055

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“All the staff are exceptionally warm and welcoming as well as professional. ”